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City Motor Supply, Inc. has been remanufacturing domestic and import engines and heads since 1943.

We serve the nation from our two locations, Dallas and San Antonio, TX, providing machine shop services such as SIM Testing, Block Boring and Milling, Crankshaft Polishing and Rod Honing along with many others. CMS is also an authorized engine parts distributor for many engine parts manufacturers serving the domestic, import and performance markets.

6.0 Chevy SB | City Motor Supply

CMS delivers locally, to surrounding states, and ships nationally. Our customer service and product warranties are second to none in the engine and head remanufacturing industry.

As we build out the content in our new site you will find many of the featured products we work with and sell. In the interim we invite you to call one of our two locations and speak to an engine and head remanufacture specialist.

350 Chevy Basic Claimer

CNC Machined, Blueprinted Short Block Race Engine.


  • Hypereutectic Pistons
  • Moly Rings Elgin Camshaft
  • Double Row Timing Set
  • ARP Rod Bolts

383 Chevy Basic Stroker

4-Bolt, CNC Machined, Blueprinted and Computer Balanced Stroker Short Block.


  • Hypereutectic Pistons
  • Moly Rings
  • Elgin Camshaft
  • ARP Rod Bolts
  • Double Row Timing Set
  • New Stroker Crankshaft

350 Chevy H.O. 300 HP Long Block

CNC Machined, Blueprinted Long Block H.O. Engine.


  • Hypereutectic Pistons H345NP
  • Moly Rings 2M139
  • ACL Bearings
  • Elgin Camshaft E1015P 224/234 (@.050o Dur. .465/.488 valve lift)
  • Double Row Timing Set SS-2100
  • ARP Rod Bolts 134-6003S
  • Heads with 1-piece stainless steel valves and matching springs – 550 lift max.

We welcome machine shop services and custom builds on performance engines!

Machine Shop Labor Prices – Performance

Code Description Price
505 Align/Bore Block – Chevrolet only (400 Chevy) 300.00
525 Performance Block Prep (350 Chevy and 302 Ford) 350.00
526 Peformance Block Prep (All other Blocks) 350.00
528 Stroker Performance Block Prep 495.00
524 Mill Block with extra .010 – .020 150.00
527 Bore Block > than .100 per cylinder 25.00
530 Engine Balancing – 350 AND 383 Chevrolet Cast Crank 300.00

Engine Balancing – 383 Chevrolet Steel Crank

351W Ford Stroker, 302 Ford Stroker and all other strokers

Along with 454 Chevrolet and LS Chevrolet

531 Engine Balancing with Customer’s parts – extra charge for added drilling or added weight up to $300.00 300.00
532 Dry Fit Block for Stroker Cranks 150.00
409 Hook Performance Piston w/ spiral locks – each 15.00
410 Hook Performance Piston 2 valve relief & dome – each 15.00
208 Offset Grind Crank  – (Chevrolet stroker) 300.00
209 Offset Grind Crank – (Ford stroker) 300.00
332 Machine Heads for over-sized valves 2.02 – 1.60 per pair 250.00
335 Machine Heads for over-sized springs per pair 85.00
338 Check Valve Spring Height and Tension (set) 85.00